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About Pacific Parking

About Pacific Parking Systems

Pacific Parking Systems, Inc. (“PPSI”) is a California corporation based in Irvine which has been an industry leader and sole supplier of numerous State, County, and Federal installations of automated revenue collection equipment throughout the state of California.

The service personnel have decades of experience in installing, servicing, and providing pay station equipment, which ensures that the form and function of the equipment it offers has been successful and is desired in the pay station market today. PPSI has an infrastructure devoted solely to the supply and support of automated parking pay station equipment.

Cities, Municipalities, Colleges and Private Operators, to name a few, are experiencing an ever increasing need for unattended pay parking collections systems for managing parking fee collections. Many already use PPSI’s parking fee collection equipment to expand their programs and allow them the flexibility of implementing different revenue collection programs as well as audit reporting functionality.

• PPSI provides full system integration and support.

• PPSI provides full product training, support and maintenance programs.

• PPSI sells or leases its products.

• PPSI is California OSMB certified.

Pacific Parking Systems Has Provided Automated Pay Station Solutions To: