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venVUE® is a complete management system for your revenue collection network. This web-based platform provides real-time pay station status, remote active and passive monitoring, remote pay station configuration and report generation for status, operational statistics, revenue collection and reconciliation.




  • Credit Card Transactions; pending or settled by date of sale or date of settlement.
  • Cash Transactions showing details on bills/coins inserted and change dispensed for each transaction
  • Sales reports based on transaction type, location, date, permit value, and/or product type
  • Event reports showing operational history of each pay station
  • Interim and Final Cash Audit reporting for each pay station in network.



USER INTERFACE: venVUE® provides a window into the network of meters via the Central Control Unit (CCU) and the system database. With venVUE® users can view status and transactional data in real-time, render reports to support audits and generate an array of statistical data.

CONTROLLED ACCESS: venVUE® allows for different levels of user access. Access to each module of venVUE® can be granted or restricted ensuring that employees only have access to the amount of detail necessary.

REAL-TIME STATUS MONITORING: Using venVUE® a revenue network can be monitored in real-time and from remote locations at any time day or night. VenTek pay terminals provide database information and routine status reports using access to the Internet via a direct connection, WiFi or digital cellular. Should unauthorized access to a pay terminal take place, the system is able to generate an email or text message to alert authorities.

REMOTE CONFIGURATION: venVUE® provides remote access to certain configuration aspects of your network of meters. Users can alter rate information, enable or disable meters from the network, add/delete/modify lots, and control electronic coupon usage.

AUDIT & REPORTING: All transactional and statistical data is uploaded to the CCU in real-time. This provides a second level of audit control for revenue collected at each terminal, as-well-as a much more extensive suite of audit and reconciliation reporting from venVUE®. All transaction detail is automatically uploaded to the CCU and is instantly available through a number of standard reports. Each audit period is also automatically closed through the cash collection process, and reports are generated at both the terminal level and through the CCU. Custom reports are available; however the system comes standard with a variety of reports that provide detailed information regarding revenue, enforcement, terminal details, statistics and sales transactions. venVUE® generates all reports in PDF format. Optionally, venVUE® can export any of the existing report data fields into a variety of other file formats (tab delimited, Excel, etc.) to allow the user to import data into other applications.

The venVUE® remote management system’s reporting capabilities include: