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Mass Transit Ticketing Solutions


Pacific Parking Systems offers a full range of ticket vending solutions to collect a wide variety of fares. We have solutions for bus, light rail, bus rapid transit, heavy rail and other mass transit lines. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to provide highly competitive solutions that meet their unique needs. Our products focus on easy use and fast fare payment in a solid, secure, cloud-based revenue management system.

Pacific Parking Systems’ Ticket Vending Machine is a flexible and robust platform able to fit anywhere within existing transit infrastructure. A single pay station can be configured as a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM), a Multi-Space Parking Pay Station (MSPPS), an Automated Fee Machine (AFM), or function as a combination of all three. With a web-based, back-end revenue management system all information from any TVM, MSPPS, or AFM is available in real-time, and changes to your system can be managed remotely and securely from any web browser.

TVM – Ticket Vending Machine’s UNIQUE Features INCLUDE: