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Stellar Customer Support

Stellar Customer Support

Pacific Parking Systems is proud to offer what we consider to be the finest Automated Pay Stations available in the country. However, more importantly, we believe it’s our stellar customer support that really sets us apart from all other companies that sell automated pay stations.

We have MANY long-term clients and accounts and the reason companies stay loyal to us is because we stay loyal to them! We remember who got us to where we are, and we also remember what will keep us here – STELLAR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

When you work with Pacific Parking Systems, if anything should happen to your equipment that would require customer support, we are quick to act and quick to get you back to running at 100%. If you need documents, specs, or technical drawings, we have all of those documents available online in our password protected area that all of our clients have access to. If you don’t already have an account set up with us, it’s easy to set one up, and within minutes, you’ll have what you need.

If you require any type of onsite customer support, once again, we will get a worker out to you in as short a time as possible to take care of any issues you are having. These are our own service and repair men trained to work exclusively on our machines, so they know them inside and out.

When you work with Pacific Parking Systems, we haven’t spread ourselves so thin that we cannot be accountable to our valued customers; just the opposite; we pride ourselves in keeping our staff to a minimum and our tech support men well-trained.